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Streams API is a two-way, message-based .JSON protocol based on the USB CDC integration path.
It is a domain-based, human-readable and machine-parsable protocol that enhances the two-way communication between your system and the ProGlove Gateway.

Streams API enables features like Multi-pairing and MARK Display integration.

Streams API consists of many uni-directional Streams of Event data:

  • Events specific to a use case
  • Events that publish data towards the customer app
  • Events that can be commands the customer app sends towards the Gateway


The event data is encoded as simple flat JSON messages:

  "api_version": "1.0",
  "event_type": "scan",
  "event_id": "02114da8-feae-46e3-8b00-a3f7ea8672df",
  "time_created": 1546300800000,
  "scan_code": "Hello, World!",
  "device_serial": "MDMR000000064",
  "gateway_serial": "PGGW000000058"
Each message contains at least:

  • api_version - the version of the API
  • event_type - the type of the stream event
  • event_id - the identifier to refer to the command in case of error or response
  • device_serial - identifies the scanner concerned by the command
  • time_created - the UNIX time stamp in milliseconds when the message was created client-side

Note: Every Streams API message coming from the Gateway is terminated by a Line Feed character.