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Gateway release notes v1.6.0

This section presents the features introduced or enhanced in the Gateway v1.6.0 release.

Streams API enhanced

Button press event

The Streams API has now been enhanced to support the Button press event which is sent by the Gateway when the scanner's button is triggered.
To learn more, see Button press event.

Gateway state

The Streams API has now been enhanced to include the Gateway state command and state to allow you to request the state of the Gateway.
To learn more, see Gateway state command and Gateway state event.

Wi-fi connection to unprotected SSIDs

Insight connectivity has now been enhanced to allow connecting to Wi-fi networks without password security.
To learn how to connect, see Connect Gateway to Insight.

Pairing barcode on Mass Storage

The Pairing QR code has now been added to the Status Folder on the Gateway Mass Storage device to allow you to connect your scanners when your Gateway is visually unaccessible.
To learn how to enable Mass Storage, see Gateway as a Mass Storage device.