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Mechanical properties

Dimensions: 3.74 x 2.06 x 0.94 in (95 x 52,3 x 23,8 mm)
Weight: 1.50 oz (42,5 g)
Cable slots: Micro USB

The Gateway connects to the target device via a USB cable (micro to standard USB).

The Gateway is equipped with a Cable Strain Relief system to prevent physical damage to the USB cable as well as accidental disconnecting.


Electronic properties

Gateway power supply via USB cable (host computer): 5 VDC (0.5A)

The Gateway includes three LED lights:

  • LED 1 (USB LED) - identifies the connection to the target device
  • LED 2 (Scanner LED) - identifies the connection to the scanner
  • LED 3 (Cloud LED) - identifies the connection to the cloud.

Connection options

  • USB HID - keyboard input to host
  • USB CDC - virtual communication port (input as a string)
  • Streams API - advanced communication protocol via USB CDC

Product and vendor ID

USB vendor IDs (VID) and product IDs (PID) are 16-bit numbers used to identify USB devices by the host. While the VID is always the same for all Gateways, the PID depends on the configured USB communication protocol.

  • VID: 0x3333
  • PID:
    • USB HID: 0x081D
    • USB CDC: 0x0CDC

Utilities and accessories

PG Configuration Tool: Insight Webportal - Barcode, interface, and device configuration, etc.