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The Scans analytics section provides insight into your devices key statistics:

  • The Scan Rate graph displays your devices' scanning events by the hour for a given date to help you visualize scanning frequency. ScanRate
  • The Scans Per Day bar chart provides you with the number of scan per day for a specific device.
  • The Barcode Scan Time table lists the Average Scan Time of a single barcode so you can optimize your workflow. It also displays the scanned Barcode Content and the symbology used.
  • The Station Scan Time table lists the Average Scan Time and the Total Scans number per Station.

In the top right corner of the screen, you can select a date for which you want to display the widgets data. Select Today, Yesterday, or click Custom Date and select the desired date from the calendar.

How to export Scan Data

  1. In the top right, click the Event History button.
  2. Select the time period for which to download data.
  3. Select DOWNLOAD.
    A .csv file downloads to your desktop


Note: The export is a comma delimited .csv file where scanning events are displayed in rows while the analytics data is displayed in columns per scan.