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To experience the Insight Webportal's full capabilities, you need to connect your devices to the cloud platform.

The Connectivity page displays the list of all devices connected to Insight Webportal with their key information:

  • Station Name - Shopfloor/workstation name assigned to the device
  • Status - Device's current status: Active, Inactive, Registering, Not registered, Unknown
  • Use Case - Device's use on the shopfloor: Picking, Packing, Assembly, Staging
  • Device Name - Unique name assigned to the device during registration
  • Device ID - Device's unique ID
  • Device - Device's brand and model
  • Type - Type of device (e.g. mobile phone)
    • Version - Android device's operating system version or Gateway app version

To find your devices quickly, you can filter the list of connected devices by App Version and Device Status, or type the name of your device in the Search field.


To learn how to connect your devices, see: