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Insight Mobile (iOS) release notes v1.1.0

This section presents the features introduced or enhanced in the Insight Mobile (iOS) v1.1.0 release.

Configuration file creation on Insight Webportal

You can now use the Insight Webportal platform to create a configuration file with multiple profiles for Insight Mobile (iOS) SDK.
To learn more, see How to create a configuration file.

Insight Mobile (iOS) SDK enhanced

Configuration management

Insight Mobile (iOS) SDK has now been enhanced to allow you to manage multiple configuration profiles using the SDK API.
To learn more, see How to manage a configuration.

Scanner firmware update

You can now use the MarkFirmwareUpdate API to track your scanner's firmware version and update it.
To learn more, see How to update scanner firmware.

Device information

The Insight Mobile (iOS) SDK API has now been enhanced to allow you to retrieve information from connected devices.
To learn more, see How to get device information.

Switching profiles in sample app enabled

The Sample app has now been enhaced to allow you to activate different configuration profiles created on Insight Webportal to demonstrate the its configuration capabilities.
To learn more, see Sample app.

Symbology Settings moved to Insight Webportal

The Symbology Settings section has now been moved to the Insight Webportal documentation page.
To access it, go to Symbology Settings.

iOS Virtual keyboard toggle introduced

A new Virtual keyboard toggle feature has now been introduced to allow you to show/hide the virtual keyboard on your iOS device when a scanner is connected via BLE HID.
To learn more, see iOS Virtual keyboard toggle.