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How to trigger feedback using Intent

To trigger a feedback sequence on the connected scanner, send and Intent with the following:

  • Action: com.proglove.api.PLAY_FEEDBACK
  • Extra: Integer in com.proglove.api.extra.FEEDBACK_SEQUENCE_ID

Currently, Insight Mobile supports the the following ffeedback sequences:

  • ID 1 - Positive feedback (ACK)
  • ID 2 - Negative feedback (NACK)
  • ID 3 - Special feedback 1 (Yellow)
  • ID 4 - Special feedback 2 (Purple)
  • ID 5 - Special feedback 3 (Cyan)

Note: Starting with MARK firmware v2.0.0, feedback triggered this way temporarily overwrites the scanner's global feedback settings. For example, the sequences mentioned above play the sound even though the scanner is configured to be silent.


val intent = Intent()
intent.putExtra("com.proglove.api.extra.FEEDBACK_SEQUENCE_ID", 1)

Note: On Android 8 or higher, this may fail because the Insight Mobile is not running in the background. Please use the Insight Mobile app to start the pairing process.


There is no callback if the feedback succeeds or fails. Make sure that the connected scanner supports this feature and to send feedback in reasonable intervals.