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Scanner configuration

Scanner configuration is persistent. When the scanner is configured during the profile activation, the configuration remains on the scanner until a new profile is activated.

If the scanner disconnects, the configuration from the last active profile remains applied. If it connects again, the configuration from the current active profile is applied. If another profile gets activated via Intent/SDK, the configuration from that profile is applied to the scanner.

When a ProGlove.proconfig file is added or replaced successfully, the scanner is configured with the active profile. When the ProGlove.proconfig file is deleted, the scanner remains configured with the last known configuration.

The scanner configuration is triggered when:

  • The ProGlove.proconfig file is imported while the scanner is connected
  • A scanner connects to Insight Mobile with an imported ProGlove.proconfig file
  • The active profile is changed while the scanner is connected.

Note: Putting a scanner on a charger, rebooting, or connecting it to an Access Point One S does not change the scanner's configuration.

Important: Do not use a scanner with Insight Mobile and Access Point One S in parallel.
Do not use configuration files and profiles with printable pairing barcodes.