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The Scan2Pair feature allows you to connect your scanner to Insight Mobile by scanning the pairing barcode.

How to connect a scanner to Insight Mobile

Prerequisite: Bluetooth connection enabled on your Android device.

  1. Open Insight Mobile on your Android device.
  2. At the top of the Device screen, tap SCAN2PAIR.
    The pairing barcode displays.
  3. Scan the pairing barcode with your scanner.
    Your scanner is now paired with Insight Mobile.

Note: If there is no scanner connected on the Insight Mobile app start, the pairing barcode screen displays automatically.

Pairing timer

When using the Scan2Pair feature, you have 60 seconds to connect your scanner. The timer is visible at the bottom of the Scan2Pair screen.
If you do not connect a scanner within that time frame, the Not Connected error screen displays. From there, you can select to Cancel the action, or Retry connecting.
Selecting Retry displays a new pairing barcode with the timer reset.


Below, you may find known limitations regarding the Scan2Pair feature.

BLE scanning abuse prevention

Affected systems: Android 7 and higher

Android 7 introduced the BLE scanning abuse prevention feature that prevents an app from stopping and starting BLE scans more than 5 times within 30 seconds. The aim was to prevent abusive apps but it may lead to disconnecting when triggering the PairingActivity multiple times within this time span (either by tapping Scan2Pair in Insight Mobile or by displaying the pairing barcode using Intent/SDK API.)

To learn more about this behavior, see DP4 release notes.