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Insight Mobile (Android) release notes v1.7.0

This section presents the features introduced or enhanced in the Insight Mobile (Android) v1.7.0 release.

Activity feature introduced

A new Activity feature has now been introduced to provide you with a clear overview of your daily activities' statistics including the step-counter, scan performance, and Proximity feature reporting as well as setting daily worker goals.

The Activity feature is currently in closed Beta testing stage. To apply for testing the closed Beta feature, please register for the Early Access Program.
To learn more, see Activity.

Supervisor View password protected

The Insight Mobile's Supervisor View has now been enhanced to require a password login to prevent any accidental changes to the application's configuration during everyday workflow.
To learn more, see User Profiles.

Software Keyboard integration enhanced

The Software Keyboard integration has now been enhanced to include a Numeric Keyboard mode in addition to the Alphanumeric and Symbols ProGlove keyboards in order to support specific shopfloor use cases.

Keyboard Themes have now been introduced to allow you to change your keyboard's appearance by selecting one of the pre-configured color themes.
To learn more, see Software Keyboard.

Getting profile information using SDK and Intent enabled

You can now use SDK or Intent to get profile information (E.g. which profile is currently set as the active one).
To learn more, see Profiles.

Receiving Button events for Ivanti's Velocity browser enabled

You can now configure the button trigger to send a Barcode Intent to the integrated Ivanti Velocity browser on double-click in order to send notifications to the worker's MARK Display scanner. To learn more, see Button.

MARK Display Velocity Browser integration enabled

You can now use the Velocity browser to integrate with the ProGlove's MARK Display scanner.
To learn more, see Solution Partners.

Bug fixes

Issue Bug Description Bug Fix
PGI-307 The Insight Mobile (Android) application sometimes crashes when the Scan2Pair button is tapped. Tapping the Scan2Pair button now works properly without crashing the application.