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Insight Mobile (Android) release notes v1.11.0

This section presents the features introduced or enhanced in the Insight Mobile (Android) v1.11.0 release.

Scan2Pair barcode enhanced

The Scan2Pair feature has now been enhanced to display the pairing barcode in an optimal size relative to the Android device used. To prevent it from taking up the whole screen, the pairing barcode will now be limited to the optimal scanning size on devices with larger screens and will scale down to fit the devices with smaller screens.

Intent Sample app enhanced

The Intent Sample app has now been enhanced to include the Scan2Pair feature to allow the users to pair their scanners directly within the app.

Scanned barcodes echoed on MARK Display

Starting from MARK firmware v2.3 and Insight Mobile v1.11, the MARK Display scanners now instantly display the content of the scanned barcode to support the users in managing their workflow. If you are using the SDK or Intent integration paths, or you are sending messages to MARK Display from your host system after a scan, this behavior may not be intended for you.
To prevent this behavior, see the procedure under Scanner barcode display echo.

We are working on providing you with the necessary configuration option on Insight Webportal to deactivate this feature.

Intent symbology enhanced

To support compatibility with Zebra DataWedge, the symbology data contained in the extra com.symbol.datawedge.label_type has now been enhanced to correspond to the label type values used by Zebra.