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Insight Mobile (Android) release notes v1.10.0

This section presents the features introduced or enhanced in the Insight Mobile (Android) v1.10.0 release.

Supervisor password configurable

The Supervisor view has now been enhanced to allow you to enable custom password protection in the configuration file. From Insight Mobile v1.10.0, the Supervisor view password is deactivated by default, and needs to be set manually in the configuration file on Insight Webportal to limit your worker's access to the Supervisor view features.
If you are upgrading from an older Insight Mobile version and still require Supervisor view password, make sure to enable it in your existing configuration file on Insight Webportal.
To learn more, see User profiles.

Insight Mobile integration paths enhanced

The Insight Mobile app now has now been enhanced to have all integration paths and ProGlove Keyboard active by default to output the scanned barcodes. Setting up advanced workflows still requires customizing the SDK or Intent integration paths manually on Insight Webportal.
To learn more, see Integration paths.

Minimized Keyboard introduced

The ProGlove keyboard behavior in the Insight Mobile app has now been enhanced to feature a minimized keyboard to allow you to use the full screen of your Android device.
To learn more, see Software Keyboard.

Keyboard toggle removed

The Keyboard toggle in Insight Mobile has now been removed. As all integration paths are now active by default, a modal window prompts you to enable ProGlove Keyboard on your Android device and you no longer have to activate the keyboard integration path manually on first install.
You can now use the Barcode configuration feature to quickly switch between the integration paths as needed.

Manual firmware update from v1.x to v2.x enabled

The Firmware update feature has now been enhanced to allow you to directly update from versions 1.x to the latest firmware version (v2.x) bundled with the Insight Mobile (Android) app. You are now able to update from v1.x to v2.x manually or using the Zero-touch update feature.
To learn more, see Firmware update from v1.x to v2.x.

Sample apps section enhanced

The Sample apps section has now been enhanced to include the Feature Demo App and the code-level Sample apps sub-section to get you started on trying out features and building your own scanning apps.
To learn more, see Feature demo app and Sample app code.

Quickstart section introduced

A Quickstart section has now been introduced to allow you to instantly integrate the Insight Mobile app using the default integration path and a basic set of features.
To learn more, see Quickstart.