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How to play multiple feedback sequences using Intent

Since there is no callback for Intent, it is impossible to react upon a finished sequence to start another one right away.
Intent API allows you to play multiple sequences with one Intent.

If an intArray is provided as extra com.proglove.api.extra.FEEDBACK_SEQUENCES_IN_ORDER, the feedback sequences in that array are conducted in that order one after another.

val intent = Intent()
intent.putExtra("com.proglove.api.extra.FEEDBACK_SEQUENCES_IN_ORDER", [4, 4, 4])

When multiple sequences are provided, the extra com.proglove.api.extra.FEEDBACK_SEQUENCE_ID is ignored.

Besides the above structure, you can also provide a boolean valued extra in com.proglove.api.extra.REPLACE_QUEUE, which, if set to true, makes this command cancel all currently waiting commands and executes this command as soon as possible.

To learn more, see Queueing behavior.