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How to install Insight Mobile

Note: If the Insight Mobile Beta version (lower than v1.0) is installed on your device, please uninstall it before installing a stable release.

Prerequisite: Insight Webportal account activated.

  1. Go to Insight Webportal.
  2. At the top, under Resources, click Downloads.
  3. In the Insight Mobile (Android) section, select I accept the End-user license agreement.
    The Download Insight Mobile (Android) button becomes available.

  4. Click Download Insight Mobile (Android).
    The .apk file downloads to your device.

  5. Open the .apk file on your Android device.
    Insight Mobile installs automatically.


Note: If you download the .apk file to your desktop, transfer it to your Android device.

Important: Permissions for installing third party applications (unknown sources) must be granted on your Android device.

After the installation, you can set the necessary Android device permissions manually in the app or set them automatically using your MDM System.