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How to disable default scan feedback

By default, the scanner returns positive feedback when a barcode transmission is started. The default scan feedback (green LED blinking twice) can be disabled/enabled by calling using SDK API call or sending an Intent.

To disable the default scan feedback using SDK, use the API call pgManager.setScannerConfig. The call takes a PgScannerConfig object and an IPgConfigCallback callback object as parameter.
You can use the PgScannerConfig object to change the scanner's bahavior - in this case, to disable the default scanning feedback (code below in KOTLIN).

To disable the default scan feedback using Intent, send an Intent with the action com.proglove.api.SET_CONFIG and a bundle-typed extra com.proglove.api.extra.CONFIG_BUNDLE containing the scanner's configuration.

This setting is lost when disconnected.

val config = PgScannerConfig(isDefaultScanAckEnabled = false)

pgManager.setScannerConfig(config, object : IPgConfigCallback {
    override fun onScannerConfigSuccess(config: PgScannerConfig) {
        // everything worked

    override fun onError(error: PgError) {
        // handle the error
val intent = Intent()
intent.action = "com.proglove.api.SET_CONFIG"
val bundle = Bundle()
bundle.putBoolean("com.proglove.api.extra.config.DEFAULT_SCAN_FEEDBACK_ENABLED", false)
intent.putExtra("com.proglove.api.extra.CONFIG_BUNDLE", bundle)