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Activity workflow

After you have turned on Activity, you can begin your shift by tapping Start on the feature's main screen.

Also, if the Activity feature is on and a shift is not in progress, on successful scanner pairing, a pop-up automatically displays asking you if you want to start your shift.


The timer starts and the Scan Performance section displays your Total Scans number and the Average Scan Speed. The Step Count section displays the number of steps you made as well as the Distance walked.

If you have set up your daily Goals, the tracked metrics count against your set daily goals and are represented visually in the app.


To learn how to set daily goals, see Goals.

The Activity section also displays the number of Proximity Alerts and includes it the daily statistics report. The Proximity feedback icon changes relative to the number of Total Alerts per day (green for under 5 alerts, yellow between 5 and 10 alerts, and red for over 10 alerts).

To learn how to turn on the Proximity feature, see Proximity.

When you finish your shift, tap the Stop button to end tracking your activities in Insight Mobile.


After your shift is finished, the Activity Report screen will display the summarized daily statistics for the ended shift. After clicking Done, the report's data is discarded (no data is sent and is only stored locally for the purposes of the report and then discarded).